Hi everyone! Nice to meet you!

I’m Steffany and I’m from Italy.

I probably know what you are thinking about. My name can’t be Steffany if I’m Italian. Yeah, you are totally right! My real name is Stefania but I LOOOVE when people call me Steffany (with thousands F and that adorable American accent). I melt like an icecream under the sun. So please…DO IT! Or feel free to call me with my two nicknames:

  1. “Sunshine” My friends gave it to me cause I’m always smiling and thrilled about everything. Even those who doesen’t know me very well ends up calling me like this. Without knowing it’s my nickname! And Oh! I love it! It makes me feel special like … “Hey I’m the sun!”
  2. “SteffanyLove” (all attached). Why this last one? Because I’m really in love with love. I guess I’m one of the most romantic person in the world. The only movies I love to watch are comedies, I read above all novel and…I see hearts everywhere. Really everywhere. Sometimes even inside the soup. It seems crazy but, it’s the truth!

And in all this romantic scenario…well, of course, I’m single. But obviously, by choice of the others cause I use to fall in love at least 10 times a day.

I’m a Hip Hop dance teacher during the school year. So, I guess I can consider myself one of those lucky person who made their passion become their job. And during the summer, or whenever I have a few free days, I chase my other passion: travel the world.

I have been travelling since I was a kid with my parents (and for this I’m soo thankful to them!), above all in Germany, France and North Europe. When I finished University (in Tourism of course), I’ve worked as an entertainment organizer in Cyprus and in Sharm El Sheik and then, one day, following my dance dream, I ended up in California, where I left my heart. It was Summer 2011. The first of several summers in the US (If you are courious about my american adventures just click here ).

Me in LA @ Murphy Ranch Trail

People call me Sunshine but my favourite part of the day is…SUNSET! At the beach or on the road, if possible. Is that because all turn pink and violet (and those are my favourite colours)? Who knows…Maybe, or maybe not! The only thing I know is that at that part of the day, everything become magic and fantastic and an indescribable sensation of joy and love saize my heart. I guess I would love sunrise too…if only I was able to wake up that early!

Sunset in Jesolo Lido (Ve)

In spite of this, I’m a morning person and I love having breakfast, so that it’s my first tought when I wake up, as well as my last of the day! And…guess what? I love eating. Everything at anytime. I’m the kind of person who is envious of those people who forget to eat. I forget that I have eaten and I eat again! LOL. I like everything but, of course, I have a favourite dish that is…pizza and cappuccino! Sounds weird but they taste really good together. But wait. Not every kind of pizza match perfectly with cappuccino. Only the soft pizza margherita that you can find in the Italian bakeries. Try them. Trust me.

And I love cooking too! Pastry and international dishes are my strong point. From time to time I will post some good recipes in Food. I promise.

What else? Well I think I’ve told you almost everything about me. But before I leave you…do you want to know one last thing? It’s a kind of a secret that I’ve told just to my bestfriend. Ready? Well…the morning is the only moment of the day that I look at myself at the mirror and think: “WOW…I’m so gorgeous”. Then the spell of all this beauty break up. Maybe it’s because my eyes are still clouded by the sleep. Yes I totally think so.

Oh! and I’m blonde.

Praia da Ursa - Cabo de roca
Praia da Ursa – Cabo de roca

P.S. I’m pretty sure I’ve made lot’s of mistakes. Blogging in English seems easy but when it’s about grammar and above all verbs…OMG! It’s so difficult for me as a non native English speaker! So please, be understanding and feel free to correct me. I would really appreciate it!

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